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Our Team

Every member of our staff is carefully hand-picked and background checked by Pet Sitters International.

Mie Fallesen-Lacara

My name is Mie (pronounced Mia). I am the founder and owner of 805 Paw Lovers. My husband and I live in Camarillo with our five dogs and three cats. In addition to working with your pets, I have also worked with clients as their personal trainer, for the past 14 years. When my husband and I are able to take some time off, we enjoy taking our RV to the beach and spending a few days there with our dogs. There’s nothing like our beach house on wheels. We love taking our pups out for walks and bike rides.

I also love spending time with friends, taking a nice morning hike, or grabbing a bite and cocktail and catching up after a busy week. My husband and I enjoy going to the movies, and of course, we can’t forget spa days. I especially like spending the day at the Ojai Valley Inn Spa. I also volunteer for a local nonprofit animal rescue group, All For Love Animal Rescue (, which focuses on saving dogs from local shelters and finding them new forever homes.

My love for the animal kingdom and all its amazing creatures, was inherited completely from my Grandfather. I named my first dog Sally, after his dog. Thank you Grandpa, for the gift you shared!

Allison N.

Hello! My name is Allison. I live in Camarillo with my puppy Jax. I graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ with a degree in criminal justice. With my degree, I hope to work my way into the field of law enforcement and maybe one day the FBI.


When Jax and I aren't playing tug-of-war or going on walks, I like to spend time at the beach, hiking or playing soccer! I'm a dog-walker because I absolutely love all dogs and their personalities!

I grew up in a two-dog household and am currently raising my own. I understand all the attention and love pets need, which is why I want to help other families make sure that their pet is well taken care of!

Cecilia C.

I moved out to California from New York City 14 years ago, and shortly after I acquired a 3-month-old male toy poodle that I named Twinkie. He soon became the love of my life.

I had dogs as a child, but he was my own special boy. He just turned 13, and I love him even more today! Seven years ago, I rescued a two or three year old male cockapoo who I fell in love with at first sight. His name is Muffin. Since then dogs have become my passion. If I could, I would rescue as many as I could handle. In 2015, I fostered a 15-year-old female beagle named Winifred. She had heart problems among other things and she spent her last 7½ months being a very happy and spoiled girl. 


I am recently retired and my dream is to have a sanctuary for older and homeless dogs. Until then, I am so happy to be a team member of 805 Paw Lovers, and love to meet and help as many dogs and cats as I can!

Hayley B.

Hi! I am Hayley. I work as a police officer full time! Working with 805 Paw Lovers helps me to have a nice balance in my life. I love hiking and fishing in my free time! I have always loved animals! I adopted my little Bubba from the shelter and we have been learning together ever since!! 

Hi there! I'm Kylie! I am from Newbury Park and graduated with my BS in Health Education and Promotion from Boise State University. I love all animals, the beach and inspiring people to live their best lives! If you ask me, there is nothing a little puppy love and some laughter can't fix and that's why I do what I do! 

Gloria N.

Hi, my name is Gloria Netka. I live in Newbury Park with my husband and two sons. I have a third son that lives in Irvine.  I have two beautiful dogs—Charlie and Zoey. Charlie is a West Highland Terrier and Zoey is a Jack Russell Terrier. I’ve been a long time friend of Mie, so I know her love of animals is as great as mine. When she started 805 Paw Lovers, I was very eager to hop on board. It makes me so happy to spend time with the animals.


In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and bicycling. I love being outdoors, so walking your dogs and caring for your pets is the perfect fit for me. I promise you that your animals will receive the best of care with me.

Kylie N.

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