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Our Services

Dog Walking & Pet Visits

Whether you are working long hours or simply just need an extra hand, we are here to help! We provide dog walking and pet visits for all animals, breeds, shapes and sizes. Whether your pup or kitty just needs a dinner visit and potty break, or likes an hour-long stroll, we are happy to spend time with your pet. Please contact us for more information or to schedule services.

Pack Walks

Pack walks are an excellent way to burn energy and work on leash manners and socialization skills within a pack mentality. We will be working with and teaching your dog how to behave and work together in a pack setting. Not only does you dog come home tired from walking for an hour, but it is also a great way to stimulate your dog's brain.


Pack walks are an hour (not including pickup and drop off) and we welcome all breeds and social levels. All dogs will be kept on a leash so everyone is safe with our professional staff. We will need to assess your dog before bringing her/him into a pack setting. Please contact us for more information or to schedule your dog's assessment.

Pet Sitting/Overnight

You want to get away but worry about leaving your pets in a boarding facility. Worry no more! We provide in-home pet care services in your home. We know that pets really are the happiest and safest in their own home. And we want to keep it that way. Our team is highly trained to care for your pets while you are away. We offer an 11 to 12 hour overnight "PJs sleepover" stay. All overnights include dinner and breakfast, and medications, if needed. We are aware when overnighting with your pets, that we are also house sitting and will take care of the most needed things around the house such as bringing in the mail and newspaper, watering house plants and potted plants in the yard, and taking care of trash. Other services can be arranged for an additional fee. Overnight stays can be scheduled in conjunction with walks and/or day care visits. Please contact us for more information or to schedule your next overnight stay.

Pet Taxi

Does your pet have a date with the groomer? Or need a checkup at the vet's office? Most of these services take place during work hours, making it difficult for you to fit appointments in during your busy work week. We can help! Let us know ahead of time where your pet needs to go and what time his/her appointment is, and one of our professional staff members will make that appointment happen. Please contact us for more information or to schedule your pet's next pet taxi.

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